Top 10 Skytrak Launch Monitors 2020 Reviews

As a golfer, you’re always on the lookout for ways to up your game. You might be someone who keeps up with the latest golfing news. Maybe you’re looking for a better way to improve your golf grip. But some golfers aren’t as serious as others. Sure, they still want to find any advantage that can make their game better. But, they also don’t want to spend hours figuring out how. Luckily, it’s possible for even the most casual golfers to improve their golf game.

By using a Skytrak Launch Monitor, it’s possible for anyone to improve their golf game fast. With so many different brands to choose from, however, it can be tough to find a launch monitor that is perfect for you. To help you out, here are the 10 best Skytrak Launch Monitors that will bring your golfing game to the next level.

10. Voice Caddie SC 200

Voice Caddie SC 200

Starting the list off is the Voice Caddie SC This little machine makes the perfect entry-level launch monitor. It tracks a wide-variety of stats, is extremely accurate and it even takes barometric pressure into account. It’s easy to use with only a slight learning curve. It may take a few tries to find the best place to put it, but once you do, the SC 200 can give your golf game a major boost.


  • Real Customer Service
  • Accurate
  • Large Variety Of Stat Tracking
  • Budget-friendly
  • Takes Barometric Pressure Into Account

9. FlightScope Mevo

FlightScope Mevo

This portable Launch Monitor by FilghtScope is the perfect tool to take your sewing to the next level. The Mevo is easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use with only a minor learning curve. When properly set-up, it’s extremely accurate and can perfectly judge each swing. The Mevo also comes with the ability to record video. When combined with the included review features, this makes the Mevo a powerful tool in improving both your golf game and your swing.


  • Can Record Video
  • Very Accurate
  • Helpful Review Features
  • Medium Learning Curve
  • Easy Set-up

8. SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition

SkyCaddie Linxgt Game Tracking Edition

The SkyCaddie Linxgt is unique among launch monitors. When connected to your smart phone, the Linxgt acts as a GPS rangefinder. It comes loaded with 35,000 different maps of various ground courses. It has a powerful shot tracker and a strong suite of shot tracking stats too. The SkyCaddie Linxgt is easy-to-use and only slightly harder to set up. Once the Linxgt is properly set up and connected to your smart phone, this launch monitor can go a long way in improving your golf game.


  • Pre-loaded with 35,000 ground course maps
  • Powerful Shot Tracking
  • Includes GPS rangefinder
  • Easy to Use
  • Works With Smart Phones

7. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile is one of the fastest launch monitors around. The initial setup is fast and easy. When you’re on the green, you can be ready to start swinging in under a minute. With built-in feedback mechanics, it’s also easy to judge your shot just as fast. Video replay, active shot trace and a data overlay makes it easy for you to understand your mistakes and correct them on the fly. Fast improvement comes easy with the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor.


  • Fast Setup
  • Accurate within 2.5%
  • Quick Video Replay
  • Active Shot Trace
  • Strong Stat Tracking

6. Rapsodo R-Motion

Rapsodo R-Motion

The R-Motion by Rapsodo offers great bang-for-your-buck. It offers a wide set of powerful swing and shot tracking statistics. Feedback is both easy to receive and understand. The launch monitor itself is also easy to use and setup. Unlike other launch monitors at this price range, the Rapsodo R-Motion also comes with The Golf Club game. This is a powerful golfing simulator that can be used to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home.


  • Includes The Golf Club game
  • Powerful Swing and Shot Tracking
  • Easy To Use
  • Good Feedback
  • Great For Indoor Use

5. Arccos Caddie With Smart Sensors

Arccos Caddie With Smart Sensors

The Arccos Caddie is at the forefront of launch monitor technology. This advanced piece of golf technology comes with 14 different sensors. It provides automatic shot tracking with a host of different stats. Despite how advanced it is, the Arccos Caddie is still extremely easy to use. Even the initial setup is easy and can take less than half an hour to complete. It also comes equipped with a powerful AI-powered GPS rangefinder to help keep your game sharp no matter what hole you’re on.


  • Includes 14 Sensors
  • Automatic Shot Tracking
  • AI-Powered GPS Rangefinder
  • No Subscription Required
  • Easy Setup

4. Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator

Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator

The Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator is exactly what it seems like. Unlike most other launch monitors, the R-Motion lacks some of the features you wold expect. To make up for it, it instead comes with a host of other features. Although it may look like a game, the R-Motion is actually a (almost) true-to-life golf simulator. Any flaws it has are easily made up for with both the price and extensive self-improvement features it has. When it comes to value per dollar, the R-Motion is incredibly high value.


  • Includes 14 Clips
  • Extremely Accurate
  • Great At Reading Fat Shots
  • Great Connectivity
  • Great Value For The Price

3. Zepp Golf 2

Zepp Golf 2

The Zepp Golf 2 is the perfect launch monitor for anyone looking to improve their golf swing. It can track a large variety of swing stats. Each of your swings is also recorded in HD video. Evaluation is fast and it’s easy to figure out the best way to improve your swing. Likewise, the Zepp Golf 2 itself, is easy to use and comes equipped with a long-lasting battery. This launch monitor is a great fit for anyone looking to improve.


  • Instant Evaluation
  • Long battery Life
  • Records Swings In HD
  • Strong Data Tracking
  • Simple To Use

2. OptiShot 2

OptiShot 2

When it comes to home practice, it’s hard to find a better launch monitor than the OptiShot Easy to use and set up, the OptiShot 2 comes with everything you need to practice your swings at home. The included mat is made with high-density foam with high-quality turf. The net is large enough for most swings but small enough to fit inside most indoor spaces. With the included Optishot Golf Simulator software, you’re sure to up your game the next time you touch the green.


  • Great For Home Practice
  • Accurate
  • Comes With Net And Mat
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Easy To Use

1. Blast Golf Swing Trainer

Blast Golf Swing Trainer

The Blast Golf Swing Trainer is a comprehensive solution that anybody can use to improve their golf game. This powerful launch monitor comes equipped with advanced smart video capture technology. Each recorded swing is automatically clipped allowing you to easily review it in slow motion with an advanced overlay. It’s easy to setup and use. The Blast sensor easily attaches to the end of any club. The Blast Golf Swing Trainer is an affordable option for any golfer trying to improve their game on a budget


  • Large Set Of Stat Tracking
  • Easy Setup
  • Smart Video Capture
  • Simple To Use
  • Budget-friendly

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