Top 10 Powermatic Table Saws 2020 Reviews

A job site table saw should be big tough to take on whatever high volume job and heavyweight material you need done. Having a strong base, full steel construction and plenty of room on the table are a few of the points you should look for when choosing a table saw. The top 10 are listed from 10 being the least favorable and 1 being the top-notch choice for your job site table saw. The top competitors were Jet, Powematic, Dewalt, Baileigh, and Skil covering the main areas. All come in with great horsepower but its really the convenience Features and precision.

10. The DWE7491RS 10″ Jobsite Table Saw

The DWE7491RS 10

Number 10 is Dewalts DWE7491RS Jobsite Table Saw with a fantastic 15 amp motor and versatile 321/2 inch rip capacity. This saw Features a tool-free guarding component for fast adjustments and accurate fence adjustments. The rolling stand is designed for convenience and a quick access to a job site. The onboard storage system provides a organized place to keep wrenches, gauges, push sticks and cord wrap.


  • Telescoping fence system
  • 15 amp motor
  • 321/2 inch rip capacity
  • 21/2 inch dust collection port

9. SKIL 341002 10Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

SKIL 341002 10Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

Skil’s 10 inch table saw comes with a convenient set of folding legs to make a sturdy job site set up. This is ideal for taking on bigger wood working projects as the 3410 from Skil is powerful and professional. The ideal 31/2 cut depth makes precise cuts and bevels in any hardwood you need. A sturdy cast aluminium table wont deform from heavy use and keeps cuts true.


  • 31/2 cut depth
  • Quick mount system
  • Heavy-duty fold out stand
  • Cast aluminum table

8. Poweermatic’s 230V PM2700

This amazing 5 horsepower one phase table saw is built with power and durability in mind. The motor is 230 volt full of power to rip into the thickest hardwood you can throw at it. The extra long cast iron table makes bigger task go much smoother with less hassle. The sturdy cast iron won’t flex when loaded with large pieces of material. This powermatic table saw is a great choice for those in need of a high power high-performance table saw.


  • 5 horsepower 230-volt motor
  • Extended cast iron table
  • Dust collection port
  • Two-speed pulley

7. Baileigh TS1040P50 Professional Cabinet Style Table Saw

Baileigh TS1040P50 Professional Cabinet Style Table Saw

This true professional grade job site table saw is a great addition to your arsenal of woodworking tools. The quick and simple assembly means you can begin sing it only a few hours out of the box. The alignment is precise for perfect true cuts. The additional mobile base makes this a good shop only table saw. The 3 horsepower motor makes quick work of whatever you need it to rip into!


  • Quick assembly
  • 3 horsepower
  • Large table
  • 220-volt motor

6. Powermatic’s 5 Horsepower Shaper

Powermatic's 5 Horsepower Shaper

Another good choice for a job site table saw that can go all day and still not be bothered. The powerful 5 horsepower motor runs of 230 to 460 volt and will last for years to come. The large cast iron table makes for a sturdy base to load heavy materials. The heavy-duty miter gauge has aluminum extruded support for more accurate cuts. Powermatic built this table saw for long-lasting power output to tackle the longest of workdays.


  • Cast iron table
  • Heavy-duty miter gauge
  • 5 horsepower
  • Accurate wheel for control

5. Baileigh 5 Horsepower TS1248P52 Table Saw

Baileigh 5 Horsepower TS1248P52 Table Saw

Number 5 is a great table saw from Baileigh but with a 5 horsepower configuration. This industrial-style saw comes with rip fence rails and rip fence digital display. A digital-ready out is a nice feature where the user can see the blade tilt angle when making bevels. The 52 inch table width makes for a large work surface sufficient for any job.


  • 5 horsepower
  • Digital bevel read out
  • Digital display
  • 52 inch wide table

4. The Powermatic PM2000

The Powermatic PM2000

Powermatic’s 3 horsepower table saw the PM2000 is a display of absolute power and precision. This table saw comes with a RoutRLift which is a patented system to make for a complete and totally optimized tool. The entire table saw is built from the ground up to be as tough and long-lasting as possible. The heavy-gauge steel and large cast iron base makes this table saw stable and strong as a bull.This powermatic table saw is great for the professional or hobbyist alike.


  • 3 horsepower
  • RoutRLift system
  • Cast Iron base
  • Accufence system

3. The Jet 10″ Deluxe

The Jet 10

For a solid table saw you cant go wrong with the Jet 10 inch Deluxe is the one for you. The quick release riving knife and arbor lock keeps the user safe. The poly belt drive system makes for smoother operation, less vibration and therefor more accurate cuts. The fully shrouded blade means dust is easily collected and kept at a minimum. As an overall shop table saw you cant go wrong with the Jet 10 inch deluxe.


  • Quick release riving knife
  • Poly belt
  • Fully shrouded blade

2. Powermatic’s PM2000 10 Inch

Powermatic's PM2000 10 Inch

Another great table saw from Powermatic, the PM2000 10 inch is a heavy and durable work site saw ready to cover your high volume needs. The heavy cast iron construction limits vibrations and makes the whole unit more stable. Two over sized hand wheels make adjusting for blade height and bevel angle quick and effortless. A polyV belt drive system reduces vibrations further for better cuts. All around Powermatic made this system from top to bottom to be a buy once kind of table saw.


  • Heavy cast iron base
  • Over sized hand wheels
  • PolyV belt drive
  • 3 Horsepower

1. The Jet 708674PK XACTA SAW

The Jet 708674PK XACTA SAW

This 3 horsepower table saw comes with an onboard fence and meter gauge for simple yet effective performance. Features a quick-release riving knife and push-button arbor lock. The T fence design increases accuracy and safety for the user. This excellent worksite table saw comes with cast iron extension wings and a heavy-duty trunnion for flexibility. The upgraded PolyV Belt system makes for smooth and quiet operation while also delivering higher efficiency. This system also ensures consistency so your cuts will always come out the same. To protect against dust debris during heavy use the system comes with a motor cover that is attachable.


  • Cast iron extension wings
  • Heavy-duty trunions
  • Polly Belt system
  • Deluxe miter gauge
  • Precision handwheel
  • Motor cover

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