Top 8 Green Dot Sights 2022 Reviews

When it comes to shooting, the most important thing is probably precision accuracy. What might contribute to that, you may ask. The answer is optics or sights. If you’re looking for an optic that can balance out rapid target acquisition with precision, a green dot sight is a perfect choice! Having a firearm without a green dot sight will be very convenient for you no matter the lighting condition or the distance. If you’re not interested in getting this type of optics, you may want to check out tactical red dot scopes or tactical scope with a red dot.

When looking for green dot sights, it is important to get one that can ensure the perfect target when you’re aiming with an Aimpoint in the green dot that is illuminated. However, not all the green dot sights available in the market offer the same quality and durability. To ensure that you get the best product out there, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best green dot sights on the market. Before we check out each product, let’s address all the factors that you need to consider when getting optics for your firearm.

Buying Guides Of Green Dot Sight

Size: It might seem trivial, but the size of your sights is very important. The bottom line is what the ideal size for your firearm is. For instance, a handgun would work best with a smaller size, while a rifle would work better with larger sights. The reticle size is also important. If you are keener on longer distance shots, choose one with a smaller reticle. However, it also has its own disadvantages. The trick is to remember a rule: inches versus yards. 1-inch sight is ideal for aiming at a hundred yards and so on. Simple!

Type: This can be hard to decide. The most common green dot sights are the open and tube type. The open style is generally more widely-scoped, but it is prone to damage. Tube optics are enclosed in a tube, thus it has a limited scope, but it has a longer lifespan against wear and tear. You should consider getting the one that is comfortable for you!

Battery: The life of the battery of your sights is important, but so does the ease of access. Make sure to check the expected battery lifespan in the descriptions as well as real-life customers’ reviews. Another thing is to check if your battery replacement is widely available in the market. Even if the sight has great performance and weapon compatibility, there is no use in buying a product that is hard to reuse or replace the battery.

8. UTG Reflex Micro Dot, Green 4 MOA Single Dot

UTG Reflex Micro Dot, Green 4 MOA Single Dot

We’re starting off strong with the UTG reflex microdot green in black at the eighth spot for the top 8 best green dots sights. This green 4 MOA single dot series is the ultimate sight assistance for you. It is built on a TS platform with a matte black aluminum finish. It features an adaptive mounting base that is compatible with Glock MOS and other optics-ready systems. It has 6 power intensity settings with a wide field of view for fast target acquisitions and transitions. It has 1 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment at 100 yards. It also comes with a removable Picatinny mount.


  • 6 power intensity settings
  • Wide field of view
  • High-quality materials and construction

7. Field Sport Red and Green Micro Dot Sight

Field Sport Red and Green Micro Dot Sight

Next on the list, there is the green micro dot sight by the brand Field Sport. This is an excellent choice for those who are into hunting, sport shooting, and many other heavy-duty applications. It comes with a “two-eyes open” design which allows you to acquire a target with greater speed and situational awareness. You can also alternate between the green and red dot with the Parallax red dot to eliminate any need for centering. It features an Allen head screw type windage and elevation click adjustments with a locking screw for the ultimate functionality. It’s also a cheap holographic sight to practice. For your convenience, the green sight also offers a built-in Picatinny mount base for easy mounting.


  • An excellent choice for any heavy-duty application
  • Enhanced target acquisition speed and awareness
  • Easy to use

6. Crimson Trace CMR-204 Rail Master Pro Universal Green Laser & Tactical Light

Crimson Trace CMR-204 Rail Master Pro Universal Green Laser & Tactical Light

It is the Crimson Trace pro universal green laser and tactical light. This optics features a 5mW peak and a class 3R visible green laser that is the brightest beam allowed by the law. It comes with an ambidextrous tap On/Off controls for immediate activation. This green laser and tactical light come with an over two-hour-long battery life with a CR2 battery. Very easy to install and adjust without any gun-smithing required. All the necessary tools are provided and you can use it with almost any power arms.


  • 3-year manufacturer warranty and free batteries for life
  • Instant activation: convenient and easy to use
  • Ultra bright and long-lasting

5. Vector Optics Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight

Vector Optics Ratchet Multi-Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight

Moving on, the best green dot sight of the list is by the brand Vector Optics. This can be used as a tactical green and red dot sight. It is compatible with most firearms on the market. Light and compact! You will not have to worry about added weight or bulky design. On top of that, it features four kinds of the reticle. The ultimate sight assistance for real fire caliber. An excellent choice for moving target and raid shot. It is also shock-proof, rain-proof, and fog-proof. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy in a durable matte black finish with a quick-release mount.


  • Eye relief with four kinds of reticles
  • Tubeless design
  • Light, compact and stylish

4. TruGlo TFX Glock Low Set Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sight

TruGlo TFX Glock Low Set Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night Sight

Climbing up to the TruGlo TFX Glock low set Tritium. This is a Glock low set day/night sight with a green and glows in the dark function. It is made with a fully protected TFO technology that provides good encapsulation in an indestructible configuration. It is made with top-notch quality Swiss Tritium for the ultimate brightness and illumination. This day and night sight also comes with a concealed fiber that makes it impossible to be seen by the targets. It is compatible with most standard holders with its snag-resistant design.


  • Day and Night sight
  • Great encapsulation and brightness
  • Great compatibility

3. Trijicon RM05G RMR 9 MOA Dual-Illuminated Green Dot Sight

Trijicon RM05G RMR 9 MOA Dual-Illuminated Green Dot Sight

This best item is the Trijicon MOA dual-illuminated green dot sight. This is designed to improve your weapon’s precision and accuracy with any style or caliber. This battery-free sight that features Trijicon fiber optics and tritium. It is made with high-quality aluminum material that is extremely durable yet super lightweight and easy to use. You can adjust elevation and windage in a flash! This product is also tougher than any alternatives on the market. Perfect for military, law enforcement, and hunting! The lamp reticle can illuminate and adjust the brightness level automatically in any conditions.


  • Great illumination and brightness adjustment
  • Ensures precision and accuracy
  • Durable, long-lasting, and convenient

2. UniqueFire Red Green Dot Sight Reflex Tactical Riflescope

UniqueFire Red Green Dot Sight Reflex Tactical Riflescope

This product the UniqueFire red green dot sight reflex tactical riflescope. It comes with 4 reticle patterns that offer 4 different sighting options and 5 levels of brightness! This product also features a built-in weaver mount for easy sight remounting with all the tools provided. You will be able to have a full field of view with this tubeless design, which is great for rapid-fire at moving targets at any distance. You will be able to adjust windage and elevation easily. On top of that, the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy materials and high-quality construction add on to its durability. Water, fog, and shockproof!


  • 4 sighting options and 5 levels of brightness
  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Easy to use and versatile

1. XS Sights RAM Tritium Glock Night Sights

XS Sights RAM Tritium Glock Night Sights

We’re saving the best product for last. In the end,  the XS sight RAM tritium Glock night sight. This is at the number one spot for good reasons! This optics offers high-contrast tritium front sight in both orange and green for fast sight acquisition in any context. It is a transitional 3-dot tritium sight picture with both front and rear sights. You will be able to use and manipulate the optics at any angle you like to suit your needs. The XS night sights also come with a complementary front sight install tool for your convenience. You do not need any extra equipment to install, mount, and use this product. Great quality and convenience!


  • Complementary front sight tool for installation
  • 10 years warranty
  • Great versatility, durability, and quality


As you can see, it is such a difficult task to select the best green dot sights for your firearms. We understand your concerns, and we hope that our article can offer some assistance to you. Make sure to read the descriptions and buyer’s guides carefully. Happy Shopping!

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