Top 8 Best Red Dot Sights For The Money 2020 Reviews

The Best Red Dot Sights For The Money offer better accuracy then your standard iron sight, and they’re suitable for advanced or beginning users. Whether you’re operating a sub-machine gun or a pistol, the right sight helps you efficiently hit your target at both close and long-range. However, with the hundreds of sights available to choose from, it’s hard to sift through the options to find the best one. So, If you’re shopping for the Best Red Dot Sights For The Money, these eight sights stand out among the rest.

8. Steel Glock Sight Plate

Steel Glock Sight Plate

The Steel Glock sight plate is a universal red dot sight mount for hand guns. This particular sight plate’s compatible with all hand guns, except the 42 and 43 models. This sight plate offers maximum visibility with its low profile design, allowing you to pinpoint your target at close and long-range. In addition, the steel Glock plate features an all steel construction that mounts on your firearms slide via a dovetail. By attaching to the firearms dovetail, you’ll never have to cut into your slide. For quick an easy installation, each plate comes with all the necessary hardware including 6-screws.


  • Comes With All Mounting Hardware
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Fits All Firearms

7. SightMark Ultra Shot

SightMark Ultra Shot

The SightMark ultra shot sight makes the ideal choice for European weapons. .22 Caliber rifles, and extreme shooting weapons. This sight features a composite body that’s protected by a metal shield, giving it more durability to withstand extreme conditions. Aside from its durable construction, this sight has a dove tail mounting platform that allows you to utilize the ultra shot. Moreover, this red dot sight has four reticle patterns and multiple brightness settings for pinpoint accuracy and ultimate visibility. When used on high-caliber rifles, this sight stays at zero with its built-in elevation technology and connected windage. For added peace of mind, this red dot sight comes with a 90-day warranty on all its components and comes with all the mounting hardware.


  • Lightweight at 8.8 ounces
  • 90-day warranty
  • Multi-Reticle
  • Protective Metal Shield

6. Field Sport Micro Red Dot Sight

Field Sport Micro Red Dot Sight

The Field Sport Micro red dot sight features a metal body with rubber lens covers that keep the unit lightweight. At 3.04 ounces, it will never weigh down your firearm, whether you’re mounting it to a pistol or an AK. More over, this sight works with most universal mounts that allow you to attach it to a variety of weapons, all while keeping it at zero. Additionally, this red dot sight offers 11 brightness settings that give you crystal clear visibility during the day and in low light conditions. The brightness settings are easy to adjust using the side, turn dial knob and you can easily turn the sight off by setting the brightness to zero. Each sight operates off one CR2032 battery, offering 50,000 hours of use before replacement.


  • 10 Brightness Settings
  • Lightweight Design
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Compatible with Universal Mounts

5. AIMPRO Dot Sight

AIMPRO Dot Sight

The AIMPRO red dot sight offers a 3-MOA dot size, making it the ideal option for both close and long-range shooting. It offers a built-in adjustable laser that has a 5-MW power output, and an Anti-reflex coating on all of its pieces. More so, this sight offers a wide field of vision and requires no centering, making it easier on the eyes. At 15.8 ounces, the AIMPRO red dot sight consists of an aluminum body that keeps weight down without sacrificing durability. With durability in mind, each sight features a waterproof, shock proof, and fog free design that can withstand extreme weather. Additionally, each sight comes with a mount, flip-up lens, and lens covers.


  • Red and Green Dot
  • Shock Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight Alumium Construction

4. UTG Leapers Red Dot Sight

UTG Leapers Red Dot Sight

The UTG Leapers 6″ sight features both red and green dot sights, and a 3x magnifier that flips to the side. Both the sight and the magnifier fit a 20mm Weaver or Picatinny rail, and are perfectly aligned for ultimate visibility. Moreover, this sight comes with a built-in shade guard eliminates glare on sunny days. For your convenience, the magnifier fits inside of the sun guard, when you need to use both features at the same time. Whats more, the sight and magnifier sit on easy to detach mounts for quick removal on the go. In addition, each sight features zero locking and re-settable turrets, for accurately hitting your targets at both close and long-range.


  • Red and Green Dot Sight
  • Built-In Sunshade
  • Built-In Magnifier
  • Quick Detach Mounts

3. Evike Avengers T1 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight

Evike Avengers T1 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight

The Evike Avengers T1 Micro sight features both red and green dot technology for all your shooting needs. It offers multiple brightness settings for night and day operations, and it comes with its own QD riser to keep the sight at eye level. With this riser, you can effectively use your sight, while wearing a mask, maintaining pinpoint accuracy. Powered by a single CR1620 battery, this sight offers dual illumination that’s capable of performing for 2,000 hours before needing replaced. Additionally, this sight is made from high-quality aluminum, capable of withstanding heavy recoil that commonly occurs with high-powered rifles. Due its lightweight materials, this sight comes in at 7.7-ounces, and it uses weather resistant seals that protect the internal components from water damage. Moreover, this sight offers a fog, scratch, and shock resistance lens that commonly obstructs your view with similar red dot sights.


  • No Centering Required
  • Suitable For Heavy Recoil
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated Weaver Mount

2. Northtac Ronin V10 Red Dot Sight

Northtac Ronin V10 Red Dot Sight

The Northtac Ronin V10 Red Dot Sight uses military grade components that give you consistent, accurate results with every shot. Featuring a small, red dot sight that houses a CR2032 battery, giving you 50,000 hours of non-stop use. This sight uses a motion sensor that turns it on when motion’s detected and switches off when not in use. With this red dot sight, you can install it on multiple types of firearms including crossbows, assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Its’s one-piece aluminum construction won’t weigh down your firearm, weighing only 10.7-ounces. For added peace of mind, this sight comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Motion Sensing Technology
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 MOA Red Dot

1. Northtac Ronin P10 Red Dot Sight

Northtac Ronin P10 Red Dot Sight

The Northtac Ronin P10 Red Dot sight’s designed to fit various firearms including air rifles, shotguns, pistols, and crossbows. This 2 MOA Red Dot sight offers 12 different brightness settings for optimal visibility in any lighting. Plus, it offers Anti-reflection protection that helps reduce glare during sunnier weather. The Northtac Ronin P10 sight is made with high-grade aluminum that gives it a total weight of 10.7-ounces. Additionally, you’ll enjoy 50,000 hours of non-stop accuracy with the single CR2032 battery housed inside. Plus, each sight offers a fog free, shock resistant experience with every use.


  • Motion Sensor
  • Auto Shut-off
  • 12-Brightness Settings
  • Aluminum Construction

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