Top 8 Best Coolers For The Money 2020 Reviews

Finding the best coolers for the money is a lot easier today than it has ever been before. Especially since somehow you got lucky and landed right here at our office. That means you got the experts on the case already without having to get their attention, they noticed it instantly. We’ve spent many long days and late nights looking for the ultimate coolers for the best outdoor experience possible. Now it’s our pleasure to present to you our own personal selection of market-leading ice chests.

8. Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler – Carbonite Gray/Carbonite Blue

Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler - Carbonite Gray/Carbonite Blue

Any outing, no matter how rugged it may get, will benefit from the Igloo BMX 52-Quart Cooler. Living up to its name it has special spots where it can be tied down securely as well. Just in case you did bring your BMX with the rack along for the trip. While it may be sitting at number 8, it still seems to fair well with consumers, it’s just we saw some other things that justified a higher ranking for these other coolers.


  • Has a 4 to 5-day lifespan on ice as it’s one of the better-insulated.
  • Heavy-duty construction provides enhanced durability.
  • UV inhibitors keeps the rays off the ice chest.

7. Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

We’re taking it back to the classic plastic. If classic is your style, you can’t get any more classic than this one here folks. James Brown might have even had one back in his day for all we know! Whatever the case may be, it still has decent cold holding with ice lasting around 5 days or less.


  • Easy to move with an attached handle to wheel it around.
  • Something is going on with the lid flipping into a seat I heard.
  • Up to 95 cans will fit in this 62- quart cooler.

6. Coleman Xtreme Series Portable Cooler, 70 Quart

Coleman Xtreme Series Portable Cooler, 70 Quart

Ideal for BBQs, camping, and road trips, this Coleman Xtreme cooler has the rugged design and clean style that one can savor. It might not be a Yeti, so just consider it Yeti’s cheaper cousin. Whether you need it for a trip to the woods or you just need it for the ride, the cup holders ensure it serves more than just the purpose of keeping things cool. Complete versatile for just about any situation.


  • Capacity is up to 100 cans with this model.
  • Enhanced comfort with its no-crush handles.
  • Up to 5-days ice retention if temp is 90 or below.

5. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

Coming in at just under $300 it’s a high-end choice but you do get what you pay for, and that’s one thing everyone knows about the Yeti brand. This model is one of the best-selling coolers on Amazon, and it seems that just about everyone that has bought it has had great experiences. See some of the features that many have come to find useful with the YETI Tundra 45.


  • Able to hold 26 cans, a single person can easily tote it around.
  • Bear resistant wall to keep the ice cold and sealed no matter where you go.
  • T-Rex Lid Latches, which taunts extremely strong rubber to eliminate broke latches.

4. RTIC Cooler, 45 qt

RTIC Cooler, 45 qt

Step aside YETI, the RTIC Cooler showed up today and is giving you a run for your money or leaving you standing still right where you stand. Either way, this is one of the most extreme solutions on the market, at least that’s what the folks at RTIC aim form and aren’t shy to tell the world about it either. Here are a few reasons on top of being durable, impact-resistant, and well insulated why many have decided to roll with this cooler, even if it has no wheels.


  • Exclusive V-Drain technology makes it fast.
  • Sleep easy knowing it embraces no-sweat tech.
  • So durable you can use it as a bench!

3. Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler | Xtreme 5-Day Cooler with Wheels

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Cooler | Xtreme 5-Day Cooler with Wheels

When you want the convenient approach, you just might roll with this Coleman wheeled cooler that holds up to 84 cans. It’s one of the popular choices among tailgaters and fisherman alike. Allowing for up to 5-days of ice life given the temperature doesn’t exceed 90 degrees.


  • Cup holders in the lid when you just need a drink.
  • Telescoping handle and heavy-duty wheels for a reliable roll.
  • Well-thought, squared design allows for it to fit just about anywhere.

2. Igloo Polar Cooler (120-Quart, White)

Igloo Polar Cooler (120-Quart, White)

This is what many have come to think of as the “mac daddy” of coolers, trusted by both commercial food businesses and serious outdoorspeople alike. Coming in at 38″ long, there’s no shortage when it comes to having room for stuff you need to keep cool. Check out some of the highlights below.


  • Drain also has a spot to hook up a water hose for a less messy drain.
  • Enjoy up to 5 days of coolness, with temperatures 90 degrees and below.
  • Snapping latches keeps the contents of this big cooler secure during transport.

1. Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler, 54 Quart

Coleman Steel-Belted Portable Cooler, 54 Quart

This one is by far the most stylish of the group and proven to earn its right to being in the top spot a above all the other best coolers for the money. As one of the top sellers on Amazon, it doesn’t come to disappoint. In fact, it’s a remake of the 1954 ice chest bringing with it a little bit of nostalgic flavor. Features include, but aren’t limited to:


  • 4 days of ice retention, so it’s not a one-night wonder.
  • Rust-resistant stainless-steel hardware enhances its durability.
  • Steel handles built to last and provide a comfortable lifting experience.

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