Top 8 Bass Fishing Jigs 2022 Reviews

We are sure everyone already knows this, but fishing is such a broad category of sport and hobby. There are so many aspects and variations to fishing from freshwater fishing to saltwater fishing, from tuna fishing to bass fishing, from the types of reels to the rods, and more! Today, we will be exploring just one aspect of the hobby/sport: Bass Fishing Jigs. We have a little bit of something for everyone!

A fishing jig is a brilliant choice of great bass fishing lures for most fishers out there for many reasons. Its all-around capability to be used in any condition, seasons and temperature make it very popular. A safe yet reliable option! However, not all the jigs available in the market are of the same great quality. To help you make your decision, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best bass fishing jigs as well as a comprehensive buying guide. First, let’s answer the question of what do I need to look for in a fishing jig.

Buying Guides Of Bass Fishing Jig

Types: The question that you need to answer in this section is what bass jig is the right one for me. This is heavily dependent on the type of fishing you enjoy. If you are into flipping, make sure to select the jigs that are designed to handle flipping. Or you may be into long casting, thus look for a casting jig. The location of where you’re fishing is also an important thing to consider. If it is a generally vegetative or weedy area, you need to make sure that the jigs that you are buying are heavy and can withstand a larger mat without snagging. Weight and type, keep that in mind!

Rattles: Most fishing jigs in the market come with what we called skirts or rattles. It is largely dependent on your taste. Most people prefer the jigs without the rattles, while some might prefer them with. The best option to buy a set that comes with both rattles and no-rattles. You can try out both of them so that you can have a better idea of what you like.

Materials: Just like any product, the materials are always important. It can determine the durability and price value of your product. Bass fishing jigs are made with a large variety of materials with different pros and cons. Some materials are cheaper and are made to suit fishing in shallower areas or less vegetative areas. On the other hand, a stronger and more durable material is more compatible with deep-sea fishing or saltwater fishing. As long as they touch the bottom and do not float! Flashier colors may also be more effective when it comes to attracting basses. Remember to keep all of these things in mind as you’re reading for the best bass fishing jig.

8. SILANON Bass Football Jigs Set-6pcs

SILANON Bass Football Jigs Set-6pcs

The eighth best bass fishing jigs on our list is the SILANON bass football jig set. It comes in a heavy-duty weed guard design that allows the jig to pass through even in the thickest or weediest areas without getting snagged. It also features a wide football-shaped head with superior quality! The attractive silicone skirt adds to the bulk and lifelike movements to attract the basses. The jig is well-supported by a heavy black-nickel sharp hook for the ultimate bass fishing. You can buy it in a variety of pieces set.


  • Weed guard and football head design
  • Attractive silicone skirt
  • High-quality hooks

7. AGOOL Bass Weedless Football Jig – 6 pcs

AGOOL Bass Weedless Football Jig - 6 pcs

This AGOOL bass football jig is sitting on the list of the best. It comes in a wide football-shaped head that makes it possible for the jigs to stand-up and tantalizes in the bottom. The weed guard prevents it from getting stuck or snagged by vegetation. To attract basses, it features colorful silicone skirts that have great movement and visibility. Super convenient! This is one of the best lures you can have for bass fishing or fishing in grass water, rocky area, or weed bed. You can choose between a variety of the best soft plastic baits for bass fishing pieces sets.


  • High-quality football head jig
  • Weed guard design and colorful skirts
  • Perfect for fishing in difficult areas

6. Wtrees #2780 Best Flipping Pitching Swim Casting Jigs Set

Wtrees #2780 Best Flipping Pitching Swim Casting Jigs Set

This is such a good deal for those who are into more than one type of fishing. It comes with 6 pieces of football jigs and 2 pieces of craws. The hooks are extremely sharp and durable with a wide gap for easier setting and excellent finish. On top of that, the football jigs feature soft and attractive skirts with up to 55 strands! With this set of lures, you will be able to conquer all types of fishing in any conditions, from flipping to pitching to casting!


  • Versatile set
  • High-quality football jigs
  • Great hooks for an excellent finish

5. thkfish Fishing Jigs Bass Fishing Jigs

thkfish Fishing Jigs Bass Fishing Jigs

These jigs are very versatile and durable! The weed guard makes sure that it does not get stuck by vegetation, and comes through the cover easier. The vivid color and skirts are there to ensure great visibility even at the bottom, and to attract the fishes. It also features a medium wire hook and an extra-long shank for you to reel and strike anytime. The hooks are super sharp and durable, made from high-quality carbon steel, for better hookset percentage. You can also select different weights and colors to suit your needs.


  • Wide range of colors and weight to choose from
  • Sharp and durable hooks
  • Top-quality jigs for any fishing environment

4. XFISHMAN Crawfish-Lures-Bass-Fishing-Jig-Trailers-Soft Plastic 25/30 pk

XFISHMAN Crawfish-Lures-Bass-Fishing-Jig-Trailers-Soft Plastic 25/30 pk

Moving on to the top half, this is the XFISHMAN crawfish jigs set. Unlike most products on our list, this one comes in a crawfish shape. The swinging-hands actions from the crawfish are great in terms of catching the water and attracting the fishes. You are sure to get a big bite with this attraction! It also features highly concentrated and natural oils rendered from live bait to draw fishes in. The colors are not just to please the eyes, but also enhance your fishing experience. Super easy to use as well!


  • Easy to use with the 5 colors 30 pieces
  • The perfect attraction and baits for fishes
  • Uniquely designed

3. PLUSINNO Fishing Lures Baits Tackle Lures Kit Set

PLUSINNO Fishing Lures Baits Tackle Lures Kit Set

This is the PLUSINNO fishing lures kit set. This huge set comes with all types of accessories from fishing lures, hooks, jigs, heads, sinkers, and such. Perfect for any types and conditions of fishing! With these 102 pieces, you do not need to buy anything for the rest of your fishing career or hobby. Each one of the lures is made to be super realistic and high-quality with an array of different sizes for different needs. They are made to attract more fishes and catches. Everything can be packed in a double-layer box for easy transportation and storage.


  • All the fishing accessories you will ever need
  • High-quality and versatile
  • Easy to use, store and transport

2. Bass Weedless Football Jig – 6pcs by Shaddock Fishing

Bass Weedless Football Jig - 6pcs by Shaddock Fishing

The second best bass fishing jigs of the top 8 best in the market is by the brand Shaddock Fishing. Similar to most products on our list, this one comes in a wide football-shaped head with a durable paint job and superior feel. The bass jigs are very versatile and weed-resistant. No snagging possible! The skirts are of premium quality, and they work really well in terms of attracting the catches. It features a high-quality and durable black nickel fishing hook. This is guaranteed to bring you better hookset percentages. You can choose between several styles and packages.


  • Versatile, high-quality, and reliable
  • Attractive skirts for better catches
  • High-quality hooks for better hookset

1. RUNCL Anchor Box – Best Crankbaits For Bass Fishing

RUNCL Anchor Box - Bass Fishing Jigs

The best bass fishing jigs on the market is the RUNCL Anchor Box bass fishing jigs. This product features superior quality hand-tied with wire silicone skirts of 100 strands! This offers better sensitivity, presentation, and attraction. It also has a double spike trailer keeper that can hold it tightly and securely in place. The weed guard system is very important as it keeps the jigs from getting stuck in the bottom. These jigs come in taper-shaped head that is great for dragging along the bottom of any fishing structure. You can choose between several colors for different needs.


  • Top-notch weed guard system
  • Hand-tied 100-strand silicone skirts
  • Great sensitivity, hookset, and attraction


All in all, we hope that our fellow fishers both experienced and beginners can find the best bass fishing jigs that they are looking for. Each one of the products is made to cater to similar purposes with distinct advantages. Make sure you read the article carefully before making your decision. Happy Fishing and Shopping!

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